Tuesday, February 6, 2007


It has been so cold the past few days. The high about 4 degrees with a negative 20 windchill. Needless to say it's too cold for Carter to play outside. We all really have cabin fever BAD! Yesterday they had so much energy I called my neighbor Judith and we took all our kids up to the "TAB" to run around and play inside. With no retreats until Saturday, it's like a huge play area. It was great! The boys ran crazy and "got all their energy out, as Carter says". While they played Judith and I were able to do our exercise video and keep an eye on them at the same time. (Judith took these pictures! I got them from her blog!!) I wanted to do it again today, but didn't have the time to go.

Today I ventured out with all three boys!! We had an appointment in the morning and then I took them to Martins (grocery store) and to Walmart. Why is it when I go alone with the boys they cause problems!! We made it the entire way through Martins with no problems until the checkout and Carter had a meltdown at the checkout.! So after we left I thought maybe food would help before going to WalMart. We picked up the American staple (Mcy D's) and went to the parking lot at Walmart. (I had to nurse Wyatt while the boys ate. Nursing is such a hassle sometimes!) So we went to Walmart and it was a battle the whole way through!! Whoever suggested leaving your cart with groceries to go "deal with your child" didn't factor in 2 other children, snow and subzero temps that would require bundling and re-bundling all three!!! After a quick "chat" with daddy on the phone. Carter settled down, but Hayden sure kept picking at him!!!(His boldness always amazes me since Carter is double his size!) We made it home but the roads were NASTY!! (I found out later that the salt and stuff doesn't work in temps less than 10 degrees. So the road were packed down snow, no visible road.)

After nap and rest time tonight was MUCH BETTER! Carter even "taught" Wyatt how to play with the toys on his exersaucer! It was so cute Wyatt was laughing so hard for the whole 5 seconds he paid attention! Carter was busy taking pictures while I was on the phone! Here's one he took of me!


Mary said...

I don't know how you do it Karen! You must be superwoman!

Mr. Dearybury said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog....Read it daily...I usually have some funny first grade stories....It sound slike you can relate.....Have a great day!!!!