Sunday, March 13, 2011


So I really want to get back in the blogging game, but I see that a year of only blogging once or twice has left me in the dust.  So pardon the dust as I try to sort through all the changes and get back on track.  It may be a little messy and a little sporadic as I try to figure all this out.  In the meantime here are a few pictures of my crew with the newest addition!
The Sugar and Spice of the House (she's more sugar than spice)
Always with the thumb when she's sleepy or eating solids.
Mr. GQ himself!
Very proud big brother with his little sister!
Talent runs in the family!While I'm trying to figure out how all the new formatting works.... check out my friend's new blog... it will keep you in stitches!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Newest additon

I should have posted this long ago.. but HERE SHE IS.... McKenzey (Kenzey) Olivia Sutton. Born July 10th, 2010. 8lbs 1 oz


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Science Fair

At the end of last month, Carter was part of the annual Science Fair at Austin Peay University...
For each local school there were three children competing for each grade. Carter was the ONLY 1st grade home schooler to compete.There were A LOT of first graders!
While Carter didn't place in the competition, every child received a participation medal.

I think he still had a lot of fun.
He learned a lot and it was a great experience overall. Not bad for MY first science fair project since 3rd grade!!
For Carter's project he chose five different paper airplane designs (including one he designed himself). The then flew each one five times and then averaged their distance. His goal was to see which paper airplane design flew the farthest. "The Moth" design was the winner.
While we WON'T be doing this EVERY year, I do plan to make it a regular part of our school schedule. (Per my mom's advice, I'm going to schedule them so that I only have one project at a time.)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Additions

So this is Carter's last week of first grade! YEAH - except that I need to order books for next year AND get started ASAP on next years school to give myself some "wiggle room" to work with after the baby is born.

Which brings up the newest addition coming in July... around the 15th they say, but we have another ultrasound later this month to see the size of our little GIRL! Believe it or not a girl!... I won't believe it - at least until she is born - then I'll believe it! The pregnancy is for SURE the hardest one yet - for me anyway. The baby is doing great! Everything has been progressing with good with the pregnancy. All those annoying pregnancy problems are what is getting me!

We've also had another addition in the past few months... Barrett, a golden retriever. After praying for over a year for "the right dog at the right time", Carter had a BIG answer to prayer. I have to say Barrett is the perfect dog for our family. He is patient beyond words with the little ones (and sometimes the big ones too) and can rough-tumble with the big ones! He has definitely helped Wyatt (and my nieces) conquer the fear of dogs. I would have to say that Barrett really is the perfect dog for our family. It was worth the waiting and praying to have him. It has taught Carter about the power of prayer and patience for God's timing. (me too!)That's all the new additions we have for now and I HOPE HOPE HOPE to be more consistent in updating this blog. I really do love doing it - it's just finding the time now!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Festival Fun

We had a great time at a local church's Fall Festival! It was a great time. My boys couldn't make it but we had Camo Carter
Spidey Hayden
and Monster Truck Driver Wyatt that were able to go with us!
We didn't get to do EVERYTHING, but they did a LOT.
In fact they had 7 HUGE inflatable houses PLUS games PLUS trunk or treating!
The thing they LOVED the most was riding a horse for the first time!
I'm so proud of Wyatt - he is usually TERRIFIED of animals, but rode it like a champ!
It was a blast even if someone was a little grumpy...


Friday, October 23, 2009

A Family Favorite

One of our favorite things to do as a family since we moved has been going to the local dirt track! The boys LOVE LOVE IT!
Here are some pictures of our recent trip to watch the championships!

It was really cool and windy that night!

If you ask Wyatt what he wants to do on his birthday, he says go to the dirt race track! He is soooo in love with it! When we went the first time, he was mad that he had to leave early and Daddy and Carter got to stay late! This will continue to be a family favorite I believe!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boy meets ... OUCH!

This is what happens when you are chasing your big brother through the house and he moves... leaving your face to meet the edge of the coffee table. OUCH ...
Day one (yesterday)
Day Two (today)Not as swollen today, but much more colorful!