Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Additions

So this is Carter's last week of first grade! YEAH - except that I need to order books for next year AND get started ASAP on next years school to give myself some "wiggle room" to work with after the baby is born.

Which brings up the newest addition coming in July... around the 15th they say, but we have another ultrasound later this month to see the size of our little GIRL! Believe it or not a girl!... I won't believe it - at least until she is born - then I'll believe it! The pregnancy is for SURE the hardest one yet - for me anyway. The baby is doing great! Everything has been progressing with good with the pregnancy. All those annoying pregnancy problems are what is getting me!

We've also had another addition in the past few months... Barrett, a golden retriever. After praying for over a year for "the right dog at the right time", Carter had a BIG answer to prayer. I have to say Barrett is the perfect dog for our family. He is patient beyond words with the little ones (and sometimes the big ones too) and can rough-tumble with the big ones! He has definitely helped Wyatt (and my nieces) conquer the fear of dogs. I would have to say that Barrett really is the perfect dog for our family. It was worth the waiting and praying to have him. It has taught Carter about the power of prayer and patience for God's timing. (me too!)That's all the new additions we have for now and I HOPE HOPE HOPE to be more consistent in updating this blog. I really do love doing it - it's just finding the time now!


Rebecca D said...

First let me say... YEAH... it turns out you didn't forget how to blog!

We have had golden retrievers over the years and they are just about the only breed I'll consider...

Congrats on the "Girl"... Let me know when your shower is... (Did you like that?... How I just kinda invited myself?... lol)