Monday, March 5, 2007

I Figured It OUT

Have you ever finally figured out a problem that has been a bother and when you figured it out it was so easy you should have figured it out before now! (Figure that sentence out!) Anyway, I found out that my slipstream Internet filter had a pop-up blocker that prevented it from uploading pictures directly into my posts.

So, now that I "stumbled" upon the answer to my frustrations... I can post pictures again. YEAH!
Hayden says thank you to Aunt "Ducky" and Uncle Matt for the slippers and Luigi! He took Luigi to bed along with the 3 other stuffed animals he regularly takes with him. (Bring back any memories mom? My sister and I had so many stuffed animals in our beds that you couldn't see the bed. Mom finally limited us to 2 animals each!)
Carter is going skiing again with Daddy (and Jimmy and 4 teenagers) He is soooo excited... I think Bryan is as well.


Mary said...

Tell Hayden that he is so very welcome and that Luigi is Uncle Matt and my favorite from Cars! Tell all the boys that we love them!