Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pictures from our trip

We started our trip with a stop in Louisville, Ky to see Uncle Matt and Aunt "Ducky".. the boys were able to go swimming in the Seminary's pool. Bryan and Carter dove off the diving board.

We then drove down to Clarksville, TN were Bryan helped Andrew rip off his front porch and re roof the house... this is the After picture I forgot to take a picture of before. While there Bryan met with three pastors and spoke at one church. The boys had a BLAST with Bailey.
Then after a quick stop in Lexington, KY we moved on to Luray, VA. We spoke at my home church and were able to "catch up" with several current supporters. We also have 2 churches that are interested in having us share in the fall months about our ministry. The boys took part in the local Easter egg hunt and we also drove up on the Shenandoah National Park one afternoon. (It was really windy and Carter wanted to go for a hike... I wish we had realized how much Carter would love to hike up there and had planned a day to go.)