Thursday, April 26, 2007

WAIT - I do have something to blog about!

Why is it when you think there is nothing to blog about ... the day falls apart!? That's what happened yesterday! I wrote about the backhoe, which was neat and all BUT shortly after that... let's just say it was a day to KEEP reminding myself that I DO love my children and they are special treasures from GOD.

Carter went outside to play... bad idea mom.. it had rained all morning! He really wanted to jump in the puddles (I guess I need to get him some rain boots) Once Hayden woke up from his nap I took Wyatt and Hayden down to the Lodge to work on some things for camp. As I walked in the door I hear Carter and Morgan in the ladies bathroom. When I opened the door I see Morgan with a VERY wet paper towel "cleaning" the floor. MUD was EVERYWHERE! Carter was missing one shoe (it was "sucked Down" by the mud) and had one VERY black sock and one Very white sock on! The Lodge bathroom had mud in Every stall and on some of the walls! Needless to say I spent the next hour cleaning that mess up. Then I headed home with cranky kids to make dinner! After throwing dinner in the oven, I nursed a SCREAMING baby! And the rest of us ate dinner(minus Bryan - He only has the backhoe until Friday and HAS to get A LOT DONE before then... even in the pouring rain) I started to clean up dinner and make brownies at the same time (FYI - I found a GREAT fudge brownie recipe, I couldn't get the frosting to work right though... we loved it without the frosting!) I couldn't find Hayden and THEN found him moments later when I went to get something from the pantry! (For someone who doesn't eat much he likes his pop-tarts!) I gave the boys a bath and couldn't WAIT for bed! (Not before they both succeeded in getting chocolate on the couch and my bed!) I love my boys they are just SOOO tiring! You'd think I'd lose some weight just keeping up with them. I guess it doesn't help making brownies and all:) By the "weigh" the weight loss isn't going so hot! I have NO WILL POWER and it doesn't help that I am Exhausted all the time (Wyatt's teething and is up again at night!) Any suggestions? I couldn't help but remember the days when it was Bryan and I and I could sleep late and get up and exercise and do WHATEVER I wanted! BUT I sure wouldn't trade ANY of my boys for that... now a couple days of that would be nice:)
Any way... pray for me right now ... I have a yard sale next Friday I need to get ready for... camp is coming up and there are 6 cabins I need to have decorated before the middle of May, (this means going shopping today with the boys before teaching at GCC) plus the clutter from both these projects in my house is driving me crazy! Spring is such a busy time!


Jen said...

I feel all of your pains! We've been doing Weight Watchers Online and love it. There are lots of yummy desserts you can make that are low point and everyone would love and not even know they were better for them. You can do it! Have you tried the teeting tablets you can buy at Walmart or Target? They seemed to help Bailey rest at night. I can send you a brand name if you need it.

Peggy said...

You are such a good Mommy! I can't believe you still put dinner in the oven! After a day like that, my kids would have been eating macaroni and cheese or pb and jelly sandwiches! You know, Spring is not only busy, but sooo messy! I'm having a hard time keeping my house clean too! The kids are loving the warm weather and they're in and out constantly and keep forgetting to take their shoes off, etc. Oh well, I wouldn't trade the nice weather for anything!

Mindy said...

The look of their faces tells us exactly how much fun those two had playing in the mud! Oh, to be a child again and not worry about 'mud'.