Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My "Artist"

It's been an interesting couple of days! This is a LONG story so please stick with me! I have been pretty frustrated knowing that 9 weeks of Family Camp start MONDAY and my house is NOT clean... Like spots on the floor, cobwebs on the ceiling, dust an inch thick (ok maybe that's not true, but close), and sticky spots everywhere! Once camp starts cleaning doesn't happen very often... so I've felt pressure to get it clean Fast! On Monday everything was crazy. We went at 6:30pm to Bryan's softball game ( he doesn't play for the next two weeks so I felt like we should make it) We got back at 7:45pm and I sent the boys outside to eat their popsicle while I changed Wyatt... He was hungry. Anyway, I was changing Wyatt when there was a knock at the door, Amy our neighbor's little girl told me that Carter had found a spray paint can and had sprayed the propane tank, our house, and the cable box between the houses. I walked outside (Carter was hiding) He had sprayed a straight line the ENTIRE way around the propane tank! (I cried when I saw it because of all the stress) He came around the corner of the house looking VERY guilty! I looked at him and said "you knew that was wrong didn't you!" He said Yes. SO I took both boys and gave them a bath without talking and directly put them in bed. The only thing I said was " Mommy loves you, but I'm not talking right now.... I'll be up later to kiss you good night. "(I still hadn't fed Wyatt who was SCREAMING the entire time) So I fed Wyatt and checked on the boys who were OUT! Finally, all three were asleep. (During all this Bryan had a 9:30pm game that we didn't stay for) I went next door to my neighbor Lori (who has three boys) to get help calming down. She reminded me that one day I'll look back and laugh that he did a pretty straight line for a 4 year old. She suggested we go out and get something - she could tell I needed to get away... Her oldest Jonathan would sit in the house while we were gone! So we left and got some chocolate from the grocery store then drove through Starbucks YUM! On the way home her husband called an said we needed to call the house, Carter was up! OH NO! I KNOW he thought that Mommy left because she was mad! ( I really wasn't mad I was just overwhelmed - plus I had left the can out to throw away after I got the boys to bed so I felt responsible!) I called home and as soon as he heard my voice he BAWLED! Here our conversation...
Me: Carter, Mommy just went out to get some coffee!
Carter (crying): OK
Me: I'm not mad at you, I just need to go get something to drink! I'm on my way home!
Carter (still crying): OK
Me: Just sit with Jonathan until I get home, I'm not mad at you! I just had to get something to drink!
Carter (sobbing): OK

I later learned that Jonathan heard Carter calling for me upstair and went to check on him. He told Carter that I had gone to get coffee with his mom and would be right back! Carter was fine and said he had to go to the bathroom! Ten minutes later Jonathan got worried when he still hadn't come out and checked on him. My sweet Carter was sitting behind the bathroom door sobbing quietly in his arms. Jonathan suggested they call me and then Carter started SOBBING! I guess conviction can really get to you! It all worked out once I got home and talked to him! He was REALLY good yesterday! In fact last night Bryan and Carter scrubbed the propane tank, and cable box with paint thinner and it came OFF! The spot on the house was painted over today, by my great neighbor/ babysitter Jonathan - Thanks Jonathan!

Sorry to be so DOWN with this post, but the ending was so great! I'm so encouraged to see God convicting Carter of his wrong doing - even if it was a childish action! (I was so glad that I didn't yell or scream - Carter KNEW I was Seriously upset) It is kind of funny that he did such a straight line... and I'm SURE that with two more boys growing I'll have more adventures like this to tell! (He may not use spray paint, but there are many other things he can get into!)
I spent yesterday cleaning and MY HOUSE IS CLEAN!!! I'm so excited! I spent the morning with the boys down at the beach like I promised them I would do once I got the house clean! I feel like a HUGE load is lifted off my shoulders. I still have stuff to do outside, but Bryan's more involved with that stuff.

One more thing! Check out Hayden "holding" Wyatt! Doesn't that crack you up!


Peggy said...

That is a great story! But, if I had been the mother that night, everyone at camp would have heard me screaming! I'm not the type to bite my tongue! Starbucks would have calmed me down too, though! Mmm....Caramel Macchiato! Good for Lori!