Saturday, March 15, 2008

"AWWWW Carter"

Kids are so fun... Hayden can be such a ham too! This happened a couple of days ago, but it's still cracking me up.

Bryan came over to me in the kitchen and gave me a hug... The boys saw and ran over to try to get a hug too. But Bryan said "No Mommy's mine!" Which led to ... "No she's not, she's all of ours" then " She was mine before yours" (I'm laughing at all this, because if the TV had been on NO one would've even noticed me at all!) SO anyway, all this time Bryan is still hugging me. when out of the blue Hayden walks over to Carter and says "AWWWW - CARTER" while giving him a hug! WE laughed so hard! I guess he figured if Carter wanted a hug HE would give him one!

I need to post more stories... they do the silliest things! I just forget to write them down!


Keilah said...

Awww,'ve got a great little brother there! I need an "Aww Aunt Keilah" when I get back! Miss you guys - email me!