Monday, March 3, 2008

Hayden's Birthday Party

So we survived another birthday party! Actually I think this one was the MOST fun - even for me! We invited Hayden's prayed for friends (the ones he prays for EVERY night - even if I forget!) Brendan, Bradley, (Hayden), Joel, and Lyndelle are all in this picture!

They each had their siblings with them... so it was one big party! SO much fun though! I really wasn't stressed since we (Hayden and I) made/ decorated the cake the night before! (plus I tried to keep everything super simple - hotdogs, pretzels, cake, ice cream... all easy stuff!)
One of the BIG perks of living on a camp... The TAB and equipment! It was a GREAT play area out of the cold and rain. PLUS we were able to set up the jump house we use for summer camps! (I told several people we sure are blessed to live here!) The kids had a great time screaming and running wild - BONUS with the noise from the blower for the jump house it really didn't bother us parents! BONUS BONUS - they were all wiped out when it was over!

Hayden's big gift was a bike... he liked it I think. He's not to big on change so we'll see when spring comes and he can ride with Carter!

I think everyone had a great time! Hayden even warmed up to the whole birthday idea. He wasn't so sure this morning. When Carter and I sang to him... he ran away screaming "NO - NO"!
Living so far from all our family we get lots of CALLS on our birthday. Hayden was sung to or told "Happy Birthday" 8 times over the phone today! Thanks guys for all the calls!
First thing this morning (just after Nana called) Aunt Keilah called from Italy! (She's in London for a semester, but on spring break in Italy) Hayden was warming up to the Happy Birthday thing a little.. Then after the party we received a PACKAGE from Aunt Keilah! This is the "London policeman's" hat she sent him! CUTE CUTE Wyatt tried it on too! It actually fit him OK, but he wouldn't hold still long enough for a picture!
I have a few videos to share... the are too cute! Hayden will tell you how old he is!

Hayden singing "Happy Birthday".

It was a great day! Happy Birthday sweet Hayden!

Don't forget to check the earlier post of Hayden's past birthdays!


Jen said...

wow! seeing the inside of the TAB almost brought me to tears - good and bad! :o) Happy Birthday, Hayden!

3boys247 said...

Hapy Birthday Hayden! What a fun party, the cake looked great too.

Keilah said...

What a great birthday party!!! I'm so glad they all had fun...I'm totally jealous!!! I almost cried when I watched the videos...Hayden's gotten so big!!! I love you all!