Friday, June 20, 2008


So it's sooo like me to be late... After visiting McMommy and Farm Fresh Iowa I just HAD to post this Real Life fun! Here's me...

1. Fridge

My Husband HATES all the "clutter" on the outside, but I love the pictures on the side of people we don't see often and the boys love their magnets!

2. Closet

Nothing exciting about this - it's my closet (there is not door... just a curtain) 3. Toilet

Not your normal toilet pic....

This is quite appropriate because he is also the reason I have a BIG bottle of Clorox wipes around the toilet... we haven't perfected the AIM yet!

4. Where are the kids?

Well... NOW they are sleeping (YEAH), but when I took the pictures.

Carter was - I don't know somewhere around here!

Hayden was - see the above picture

Wyatt - this is what I found... that is a bottle rocket in his hand... don't know where he found that one!

5. Kitchen sink

Yep... it's a sink!

6. Fav shoes

7. Fav room

Recently redone... so it's my favorite...although I'm not a fan of cooking!

8. Laundry

Both were FULL

9. Self Portrait

Me in all my glory (and sweat!)

Feel free to GET REAL too!


McMommy said...

Karen, how CUTE are you?!?! Love the self-portrait! You look like such a happy person!

And the pic with Wyatt and the bottle rocket??? ha ha ha!! I swear it must be in the boys' blood to hunt this dangerous stuff out!!!!

GE is me said...

Karen, my husband would have a fit if I posted those types of pics on my blog! (& that's putting it nicely!) But after reading your opening sentence I had to help you out! I'm sure you have veggie tales movies around. From "Lord of the Beans" I am never late, I arrive precisely when I intend to! :)
This is me to a tee!
Hope you had a good weekend.

Jennifer said...

To cute:) I will try this when we are back home in Fl!
Question how did you find all your blogger friends? Do you know them or just find them?