Monday, June 23, 2008


Get on board...I had to post after I saw this at Titus 2:3-5... GREAT IDEA and honestly I was so challenged by reading it! This is one area I am failing in!

I have struggled/am struggling in the area of showing respect for my husband. I do respect him a lot, I just fail to tell him and show him! I'm so goal driven that I overlook people (usually those closest to me!).

SO sweetheart this one is for you!
Here are some questions she used to get me thinking...

1. What do you do or say that shows your man that he's the thang in your life?

I don't as often as I should that's is FOR SURE!

It's lame, but I would say telling him I love him and showing him by the things I do and give to him. ;)

2. How do you make him feel special, valued, necessary, even heroic?
Again, I don't do this like I should! I need to tell him more often that he's VERY VERY VERY valuable to me! He sure is my hero.... especially when I'm about to go crazy with the boys!

3. What mistakes have you made that made your loved one feel crummy, unimportant, and disrespected?

I think I do this when I second guess his choices and overrule his rules... I do tend to do this... I'm working on it though!

How about you? How do you show R-E-S-P-E-C-T to that special man in your life?

Post about it... Here are her rules

1. Link your blog to Mr. Linky at Titus 2:3-5

Don't forget to leave me a comment, so I know you're participating!

2. Somewhere in your blog post, link back to her post (so people know where to find the carnival). And, send your friends over - the more the merrier!

3. If you don't blog, feel free to participate by posting a nice lengthy comment. :)

4. Men can participate, too! Just post about what your wife does that makes you feel respected.

5. Even if you're not married, you can join in. It's about the difference in communication for men and women - everyone has experienced this! (Share some wisdom from co-workers, a couple you've observed, kids, and so on.)

The questions I answered above are the ones she used to get your brain moving... which I NEED! Feel free to use them too!


Kaleb said...

My wife and I are playing "hide-n-seek" right now. She is hiding, and I am seeking. If I find her, I will post something about her, that is definite!

Mom said...

I figure you need a 'sane' comment after the last one!
As a wife of almost 33 years, I have learned some valuable lessons through the years. I guess the way I believe I have made your Dad feel most respected was by honoring him before each of our children. Constantly telling each of you - in front of him or not - that he is 'in charge' and you will have to 'ask your father'. Sometimes maybe he didn't want that responsibility, but I know deep down he appreciated the fact that he was 'in charge'.
Now - it's differnt to respect him. It's more fun and less stressful! That day will come for you young Moms! Now, I love to do things for him that will lighten his load - like mowing or emptying trash.
I have always loved to do special things for him -like Hawaiian birthdays. It gives me great joy to see his smile. I am the one blessed when I honor him.
You are doing a better job than you give yourself credit for. I am so proud of how you honor your man Karen by making sure he eats and takes care of himself, by doing things with him, and by taking time for 'just him'. You are one special Mom and I am proud to be YOUR MOM.
I love you.

ET said...

Thank-you so much for joining in! I think you're right - we can never underestimate how much 'certain' things mean to our sweethearts.
I struggle with questioning my husband, too. My big problem is if I think he's losing his temper - I tell him to calm down. He's told me how this makes him feel disrespected, but man is it hard to keep my mouth shut! LOL.
Thanks to your mom for sharing her wisdom. I think we sometimes get into a pattern of making quick decisions, and we forget how important it is to get our hubbies to weigh in on it. I'm going to practice more 'ask your father' to make sure he knows he's heach honcho around here. :)

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I like that idea.

Bobbie said...

I really struggled with this question too and had to think about it quite a while. How do I show him I respect him? Is it enough to cook a special breakfast here and again? But now, it will be more on my mind atleast and I will be more aware of doing more to show respect.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I agree that second guessing is one I have to watch as well. I am constantly questioning, and while I might not "mean" anything by it...he takes it that way at times.

Good thought!

4funboys said...

great idea!!!

One of my best friends told me about this book "Created to be his Helpmeet"...Have you heard of it?

She's one of our pastor's wives, and I think you might enjoy it!

I'll send you one if you email me your address!

Pegsy said...

Hey Chef Karen! Something is weird with Recipeasy. The signature is not showing up and I had some strange issues with my last post... Still can't get it to behave! Anyway, maybe it's just Blogger, but thought I'd let you know. Love ya!

Read my latest post to see my respect post. And leave a comment - my blog is getting lonely and I'm getting a complex! LOL! Am I boring?!

kristen said...

Hi I'm a mum of 4 little boys from Australia. I love reading about other mums living the same life as me.
Little boys are great aren't they !!

Kelly said...

I really struggle with showing my husband respect. If he would be around more often (well, at all) it would be a lot easier. If you see him, let him know I'm looking for him and would respect him more if he would just let me know who he is!!

Wendi said...

Thanks so much for the idea and the reminder.
I fall short in this area too.
I will work on that!
Have a great weekend.

McMommy said...

McDaddy loves it when I show an interest in what he loves. So I ask him how his 2 hour bike rides went (even though I can barely listen to his answer because I'm too distracted by the buckets of sweat running down his face.)

And I ask him about his computers (even though I have no idea what a processor is or how it works.)

Mostly, I always try to remember to tell him how much I love him and what an amazing father he is to our boys.

Awww!! You're making me want to write a post about McDaddy now! He proposed to me 7 years ago this month!!