Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun with PapPaw and MamMaw

Bryan's parents have been visiting since Monday. It's been fun to have them around, but with Family Camp still going on we haven't been able to have much "family fun". (Our van also broke down confining us to the camp....) Yesterday we were able to borrow a friend's van and go to the outlets with the boys... FUN! Then last night we just splashed around in the lake. I failed to take pictures during the week so I snapped a lot last night!

This is our "crack" baby! I wonder if plumber is in his future?!

We drove the boat to the middle of the lake to jump in... (Carter "drove" a kayak out all by himself... he's getting so big!)

Not all of us were so adventurous... MamMaw, Hayden and myself stayed in the boat. Even Wyatt got in the deep water.

Hayden's SLOWLY learning to like the water... so jumping out of a boat wasn't his idea of fun!
After a little while of diving in... we heading back to the beach to "BLOB" and play in the sand.

Before heading home we decided to go down the water slide a few times. Wyatt LOVED it... even when Bryan accidently let him go underwater for a second he still came out saying "MORE"!

After the slide we played around in the splash boats at the dock.
Bryan and Wyatt

Bryan and HaydenBryan and Carter

Hanging out on the dock

PapPaw and Wyatt (with a life jacket on... that's why he looks like he has no neck!)

The PapPaw and the boys

Trying to help Hayden "like" the water....( Morgan was hanging out with them too)

It was SO HARD to get them to come in.. but Bryan/Carter had to leave a 6am to take PapPaw and MamMaw to the airport in Chicago!


4funboys said...

Great pix... especially plumber boy!!!

Tony "heard" your blog and it was a l&b song... one of our favorites... so he came in just in time to chuckle too!

Where is that camp? Looks very fun.

Kelly said...

it looks like soooo much fun!! I wish I could be there with you guys!! Tell the boys that there's a tractor museum here I can take them to when they visit (hint, hint!)

Wendi said...

Everything is better down where its wetter.
Being with Grandparents is just icing on the cake.
Love the photos of the kids jumping...great action shots.