Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I need to be more tricky about this.... Couldn't fool you guys!!!

Wyatt is on the left and Hayden is on the right. (Great Job McMommy!!)
They are so much alike I am constantly calling Hayden -Wyatt and Wyatt-Hayden. ( They ARE NOT alike in personality... AT ALL!!!)

I hope they don't grow up confused!!!

Wyatt loves his "blues".(aka popsicles) He started calling them this because every time the older boys wanted one they would say, "I want a blue one." So now to Wyatt they are all BLUES. (He also calls things that scare him "reals" because I've said, "It's not real!")

Besides being in the 2nd week of our Fall Family Camp (pictures soon) AND having those NASTY colds that are going around... Hayden has been busy building houses.... LOTS of houses!!!

If you need a builder... feel free to contact us... construction is finished in about an hour!


4funboys said...

anything that takes an hour... is a wonderful idea!!!

cute pix!

anti-supermom said...

That is so cute - 'blues' and 'reals' don't you just want to bottle some of that cutiness up?!

Happy POW

GE is me said...

I was able to tell who was who, by looking at the feet. Hayden's hit the ground & Wyatt's not quite. As far as growing up confused, nah. Don't you have all K's in your family? I'm sure your mom confused y'all at times. I do have twins & am constantly confusing them. They know I know who I'm trying to talk to most of the time. 99% of the time, anyway.
btw- thanks for your help again. :)