Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vacation 2008 - THE END of the STORY

OK LAST vacation post... I promise!!

After we left PapPaw and MamMaw's house in Mississippi... we headed back to Tennessee the plan was to "break-up the trip home" (it would have been WAY WAY to long to drive that far all at once.) One day driving to Andrew's then leave the next morning to head home!

We didn't make it far before our transmission started acting up again... the "new" one that we put in before we left! It has been acting funny and we need to have it flushed... but until then we have to pull over, turn off the van, and restart it whenever it acts up. That's always fun when you are on a long trip.

I took over driving to give Bryan a break, BUT we didn't get very far before THIS happened and our long drive got MUCH LONGER!

THAT is a FULLY BLOWN TIRE!! This happened while I was driving... only 2 hours from where we left!

This is how close we were to the rest of the interstate for 2 HOURS!!!! (Lots of prayer going on!)
I'll be honest... I was Dying to take a picture LONG before I did. Let's just say the "mood" wasn't right for me to snap some shots until the AAA guy got there. (when we were FINISHED and 2 hours after I called)
The boys did well.. all things considered!
Bryan did say... after he had changed the tire and before we started looking for a new one, "At least this will be something good to blog about!"
(A blessing of boys... the could pee next to the van NO PROBLEM!!!)

Of course our van doesn't have a NORMAL tire... no that would be tooooo easy!

Of course this happened on a SATURDAY, when not many tire stores are open!

Of course it was late in the afternoon when this happened so those FEW stores open with the size tire we need are CLOSING SOON!

Of course those soon to close for the rest of the weekend store with size tire we need WON'T be open on SUNDAY and we would have to get a hotel and wait until MONDAY!

Of course the closest tire store with our size tire is over an hour away with an hour and a half until closing... which means we got to drive on this puppy the whole way.

BUT God is bigger!

After driving over an hour on our spare tire, we found a tire store that was "supposed" to be closed! The guy inside put a new tire on the rim for us and Bryan for the second time that day changed the tire!
We kept driving on and got to Andrew and Rachael's house VERY VERY late! We slept in the next day (yep.. skipped church... we did pray a LOT the day before!)
Since we decided to stay around an extra day... due to the tire drama, we were able to go out to see Andrew and Rachael's new property. The boys LOVED riding the three wheeler!
After a MUCH less dramatic trip the next day we FINALLY made it home!!

SO ends "VACATION 2008" ... now for some rest!


Jennifer said...

I love the last picture:) Glad you made it home safe and sound:)

McMommy said...

Ummm..hello? I need a little warning before you go posting adorable pics of yourself with your 3 beautiful adorable boys!!!!
Because when you go and do that, I start thinking...oh, one more little boy...

Carol said...

Crazy tyre shenanigans. Glad you all made it home safely.

Your kiddo's are so cute!

4funboys said...

how long do you think it's going to take to recover from your vacation??? It looks like you guys had such a great time. Good times... great memories...

Pegsy said...

LOVE the picture of you and the boys! What a crazy story! I remember some similar situations as a kid... God always took care of us! Were you on the team yet when Murrill and Deborah's trailer blew out a tire? I was riding in the truck and we saw the whole thing happen!