Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everyday happenings

This is an everyday occurrence in our house.
Usually Wyatt starts it.. (when no one suspects it)

Then Hayden continues it..

Then not too far behind them is big bro Carter and Daddy jumping in the mix...

Oh the joys of boys!


Super B's Mom said...

I love watching boys wrestle! They are so cute!! Well..until something gets knocked off a table and broken or someone gets a bloody nose...haha

Super B would LOVE to jump in the middle of all that!

Carrie said...

Adorable!!! :) So far I just have one boy, but he loves to wrestle with his daddy. :) Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

Keilah said...

I remember "wrestling" with Dad on the floor....dogpiles of sisters and brother. :o) Great days!

Pegsy said...

We have daily wrestling matches at our house, and they include one girl too! (NOT me!)

Carra said...

Looks like something Liam would do.

We'll be praying for y'all as camp goes into full swing!