Saturday, August 22, 2009


BABYSITTING - or as Carter says... "Cousins' Camp daycare"... in short watching my 3 nieces is what my life has consisted of lately... It's been busy and interesting. Girls are DEFINETLY different than boys!
The smallest one is H - she is 6 months and little for her age! This girl is tough though, she's already made it through Wyatt "helping" get her our of the pack n play!!
Next up is A - she doesn't slow down or let the boys stop her! She has already been found hanging on to the outside rail of the deck - because she saw the boys doing it!

The oldest is B - she is a true firstborn! She and Carter have already butted heads a couple of times. This year she starts kindergarten.. so I will only be watching her on teacher work days.
I've been trying to think of things to keep them busy... so far we've colored, fought over the power wheels jeeps, played outside, fought over the power wheels jeeps, played inside.. fought over the ... you get the idea!

Dress up has been a big hit, but we don't have the girly dresses!We even visited the local children's museum! It was great a very small local place to go, but great to let the kids go and not worry about them!

It was a great place to explore and escape the heat!!
These two don't let the heat slow them down though...


mylifewith5kids said...

What did you do to Wyatt's hair? I would love to see a close up, because from what I can tell....he looks all grown up!! Please tell me he is NOT growing up already!!!

Babysitting sounds like "LOADS" of fun. Maybe I should start doing it too!! HAHA. It sounds like you are doing great. If anyone can babysit for three little girls plus have three young boys of her own.....YOU CAN!!!

I miss you friend.