Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Farm

On Monday I took the boys to a pumpkin farm not far from here. It was a great Christian farm and we had a great time. There was so much to do on the farm... not just pick pumpkins!
They had two old trucks they had converted into "corn kernel boxes". The boys loved digging and loading the kernels. I think they would've played in those all day! They also had a huge haybale fort and a lawnmower train that were a boy's paradise!

Before we headed out to pick our pumpkins the owner of the farm shared a wonderful lesson about how pumpkins grow and how we are to let the light of Jesus shine from us. It made the pumpkin picking experience so much more exciting! The boys are still looking for the "belly button" on the pumpkins!
Other activities at the farm were the corn maze (with Carter as our fearless leader!). We used antique machines to remove the kernels from the corn and grind them to feed the animals.
They had a wonderful gift shop, beautiful mums, and FINALLY I found butternut squash for a decent price!
It was a lot of work, but well worth the drive and effort! (can you tell just how hard it was from the look on Carter's face? )
Up next... our carved pumpkins!!



Jennifer said...

look's like so much FUN! Wish we had something like that in FL :) Your a great mom

J.E. said...

I have been noticing your skills... what you got that is good for me?