Friday, January 26, 2007


For Anonymous ... "Nuff said".. means "Enough said" as in no explanation needed. :)
Great inventions...
*Clorox wipes - those of you with "potty trained" boys know what I mean!
*Tivo - I would miss all my favorite shows without it and lose my mind.
*Microwave - Seriously, can you live without that one? (Don't laugh... I just found out how easy it is to make baked potatoes in there!)
*Peanut butter and Jelly - Is there any other lunch food?
*Super glue - if you have boys this is a MUST!
*Blogs - does this count as adult conversation?
*eBay - great for deals on kids clothes and other stuff
* Peanut butter M&M's - chocolate and peanut butter in bite-size pieces how GREAT!
* wipes warmer - after two others I finally bought one - it's been great for the cold middle of the night changes. Plus Wyatt is super picky about cold wipes... I can't blame him.
* Pampered Chef stoneware - it helps even the worst at baking do an OK job!