Monday, January 15, 2007

Pie crust

Well, I actually made a pie crust for the first time tonight! (Not for regular pie but for chicken pot pie) Everyone actually ate it... if you know Bryan you know that's BIG! I guess I'll be making it again. If anyone has some simple, plain recipes for ground beef or chicken please post them!
It's getting really cold now. We are supposed to have anywhere between 4 - 10 inches.... I'm so glad they can be specific :) Knowing how the lake effect snow works we may not have any!!! Carter and Bryan are both itching for snow!! Frankly so am I, Carter won't go outside because it's cold. If there is snow it all changes and I can't get him to come back in.

Wyatt has started laughing although we don't know what at... maybe just pooping who knows!
We'll I'm done for tonight. I probably won't be so faithful at this but it's a start.
Happy 2 month "birthday" WYATT!!