Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ramblings of Mom!

Carter is my little puzzle king. He put this puzzle together all by himself (it's only the second time he's even done this one.) He's really quite the good problem solver.. he's also pretty good at trying to "deal his way" out of trouble.
I finally have a clean house! Tonight I had a Pampered Chef show here so I HAD to finally clean things. I can't believe I actually finished it all in one day(yesterday). (I even spent 3 hours at a doctor's appoint that I have to reschedule because they lost my post-pardem visit records that were fax to them!! BUT I'm not upset or anything!) The show went well.. 11 people showed up. I invited several people from the church we just started going to. I am hoping to get to know some ladies from there. It was a good start. Bryan took the boys to McDonald's play ground in Niles. They were SO Excited.

Carter is sick now too!! Just the cold thing going around.. I guess it's better than having the flu thing going around! I took Hayden and Wyatt (Carter went too) to the doctor today. Wyatt still just has a cold. It's just back-to-back colds he's had now! Hayden had a weird rash under his arms on his torso. It's a family problem. (Seriously, I have the same thing on the back of my arms) or it maybe eczema! We just have to try different things. Fun!!

The boys are wild as ever. I think I'm realizing that I have to just LIGHTEN UP. All the crazy things they do... there is a reason.. THEY are boys. Hayden's new thing is to stand on the armrest of the couch and jump on the pillows. I guess if I was a good mom I wouldn't let them jump on it ( really it's more like falling on it than jumping up and down... now I sound like I'm making excuses) It's just a matter of choosing my battles and that is one I'm not feeling like fighting... plus it uses up some of that boundless energy!

I was watching a little bit of Martha today and she said that they had booby-trapped something. Carter heard them and that was that.... "booby trap, what's that mom?" Try explaining that!! He just thinks it's funny to say. Sorry for anyone he goes around saying it to.

I feel sorry for Hayden he hasn't gotten to play outside much because it's too much work for me!! That sounds horrible, but it's a lot easier to just send them out! I guess I get to look forward to that when they are older!

Wyatt is up to 15.3 pounds today! Hayden is 29 pounds with snow boots!! How soon until they are the same?!


Mar said...

Wow! Wyatt is really starting to look like Carter did when he was a baby.