Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ski Fun with daddy!

Well, it's been quite the past few days. Sunday we received 15 inches of snow. Monday another 3 inches, Monday night 6 inches and today 7 or so inches. We are supposed to have break during the day tommorrow, but then 2 - 3 more inches tommorrow night!!

All that snow gave Bryan the itch to go skiing... so he took Carter to Bittersweet ski resort today. It's 1 1/2 hours from here (in good weather). Carter did EXCELLENT for his first time "real" sking. According to daddy he fell down very few times and even went off a few jumps with daddy's help. Carter couldn't stop talking about it. He even wants to skip music class and ski around here. He told me that he is a "ski Boy". I'm so glad he had a great time with Bryan.


Mindy said...

Hey! Thanks for finding me! The internet is such a wonderful way to connect...what did we do without it?! :)

Your kids are adorable! Tell Bryan that UK rules! The forecast has us with a 'chance' of snow, like an inch, and the city is going into hyper-can't survive-going crazy mode! What would Nashville do with the inches upon inches that Michigan gets?