Friday, January 19, 2007

Talking BABY

Wyatt is "talking". Last night after the boys were in bed, Bryan was holding him and he was just cooing like crazy. I wonder what he was telling Bryan. Probably all the things that happen here during the day. He's really got a personality when you pay attention to him. That doesn't happen too much lately. My other two are really challenging right now.
Carter is on an attitude kick. Tonight we went over to a friends house. When I told him to take off the spiderman mask because Hayden was scared, he through a kicking/screaming fit. That's twice he's done this to me somewhere else. At home he doesn't do that or maybe he just thinks he can get away with it somewhere else.
Hayden is a little antagonist right now. It's like he watches to see what Carter is playing with then takes that one thing. Which of course causes Carter to scream and yell. Then Carter goes to something else and Hayden goes after that thing!!! (Sounds like a sibling thing, like a younger sibling thing... picking on the older/wiser one!! just kidding !! Ok maybe not! NO seriously just kidding;)
There's so many times I get so frustrated and then Carter walks up and says,"I love you Mommy" or Hayden just gives me a hug... It's worth it, just not always rewarding.
By the way, We did have an enjoyable night all in all at our friends house.
Ok I'd add a picture, but this thing isn't letting me right now. Computors are so fickle sometimes.


Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

I love those unexpected hugs and "I love yous". Children know how to wear us down, but they also know how to energize us. Praise the Lord!!
You certainly have your hands full, but this too shall pass! I know it doesn't feel like it right now. Trust me it will get easier when they grow up a few years!!