Sunday, February 11, 2007

Word pictures

OK this is driving me crazy. I have so many cool pictures to post, but I can't get my picture icon thing to work. I've put off posting hoping I could figure it out, but I give up!
So I guess I could explain them to you and Whenever I get it working I'll post them.
#1 - Carter and his "arf" (aka stuffed dog) - this poor dog was so loved that all he had was material no stuffing. So I "operated" on him.. remember that Kelly!! It wasn't as dramatic as mom's endeavor with your dog, but it got the job done. Anyway now the dog looks like a dog.
#2 - Hayden and his crazy hats. The boy loves hats and dress up, BUT not masks... they scare him. He won't go near Carter with any sort of mask on him.
#3 - Carter and Morgan playing Chutes and Ladders - BIG news Karen Toldeo is expecting baby #3 in October... I remember how tiring the first months (OK all the months were/are). So we had Morgan come play (Carter wanted her to come visit anyway. Morgan is a month and a half older than him so they are buddies)! I'm soooo excited for Karen and Adam!!
#4 - Wyatt watching basketball with daddy. - unlike Hayden- Wyatt already watches the TV but only when a game is on (football or basketball it doesn't matter !)
#5 - Wyatt in his crib watching his mobile - HE LOVE IT and spends a lot of time laughing at it and trying to "talk" it into moving! (He's growing up sooo quick!)
The biggest thing is the pictures of the "jumping ramp" Bryan and the guys made for skiing and snowboarding. The use a snowmobile to pull them. Carter does good being pulled, but that goodness daddy has enough sense not to let him try to jump. Today they are going to park a truck between the two ramps and try to jump over it. (It's funny how all the other guys are single!! Bryan's not sure if he's brave enough to try, but if they do it I'm sure he will too!)
OK I still can't get the picture thing to work so that's all for now. I'll let you know if there are any broken bones or trips to the hospital!!


Mr. Dearybury said...

Karen, this is Jed from "A Dearybury of a Day" Thanks so much for your encouraging post....Please keep us constantly in your prayers...Keep reading my blog for updates...I am adding yours to my favorites!