Thursday, February 15, 2007

WYATT is 3 months old!

There's not much to say around here. More snow, cold and more snow!
Wyatt is 3 months old today and he really is growing up. He loves to "talk" especially to Carter! He is in a size 3-6 month clothes for now... it won't be long before he's too big for those.

For Valentine's Day some girls from Life Action were so brave to babysit our kids.. and 22 other ones too!! We took Wyatt with us and went out to eat and to the mall. I've forgotten how much I like going out!!(without the boys) When Bryan went in to pick up Carter and Hayden they said that Carter didn't stop running the whole time!! I'll believe it too especially since he's running through the house right now! Yesterday afternoon we took the boys bowling with our friends the Diazs'. It was a lot of fun. Hayden even did good. We almost had the same score!! That says how bad my bowling was! That's all for now... I still can't get the picture posting option to work, sorry to the grandma's and aunts/uncles!