Wednesday, March 21, 2007

80 Degrees

Today we (myself and my mother-in-law then myself and Rachael, my sister-in-law) took the kids to the local playground park. It was 80 degrees.. I've forgotten what 80 felt like. It was so nice and a little breezy. I took so many cute pictures of Bailey (my niece and the boys playing). Mam maw (my mother-in-law) got the boys a soccer Easter basket. Carter is now consumed with soccer ... that's all he wanted to do. On a funny note... He told Mam maw that he wanted her to be his mom! (that's because she's good at being a grandma and spoils him and all the grandkids. She was also playing soccer with him while I was watching the boys... so he LOVED that.) I asked him why he wanted her to be his mom and he said " I don't know ... she's a good cooker!" I cracked up at that one.

While here on our support trip Bryan has also been helping rebuild and re roof Andrew's house... It's a lot harder in 80 degree weather than in 50 degrees! They are making progress, but it's not going as fast as they would like it to. It looks so much better! The old porch was literally falling down and for example the "can lights" were Folgers cans! It was HIGH quality construction!

(Support trip update - we've met with 3 churches this week... The men we met with were very nice and interested in the ministry. It can be summed up as ... it's up to God. We have one more meeting for 8:30 am on Saturday here in Clarksville, TN. We will be leaving for Virginia the first of next week. We are hoping to have more opportunities while we are in Virginia. Just keep all this in prayer.)

Also Rachael, has been having contractions pretty often while on her medicine to stop them. She actually is quitting her meds (doctor's orders) on MONDAY... so ANY day baby Andrea Grace could arrive!!! Keep them in your prayers... she is at the feel EVERYTHING and no sleep stage.


Mary said...

Send me some pictures. I wish we could be there with you all! I know the kids are having a blast together. Carter, Mam-maw was a great mom!

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Karen, Emily REALLY misses Carter. If you get the chance, can Carter call her sometime soon? She was actually crying yesterday because she missed him so much. Can you imagine what next week will be like for her? No Carter, no Hayden, and NO JOEL!