Thursday, March 8, 2007

Eventful Evening

Tonight at Granger Community Church (I teach 2nd and 3rd grade for a local church during their mid-week service) we had a somber event. One of the little boys who comes to my class regularly came up after a VERY active VERY loud game complaining of a headache. I wasn't surprised... it almost gave me one too. I gave him some water and told him to go sit down for a while. About twenty minutes later he came up during the video (we had "party" night because they earned enough points) any way, this little boy was in tears and said his head hurt and he wanted to go home. I tried our walkie talkie to call my supervisor, but it didn't work.... long story short she came down just as the service let out... it was almost over when all this happened. Anyway, while she was kneeling down talking to him HE PASSED OUT. THEN she tells me he had a seizure earlier this week! It turns out he was having another seizure when he passed out for 4 minutes. Anyway, his parents were there just as he was coming around... even then he was still not at all himself. Please pray for him, his name is NATHANIEL. He is a sweet little bundle of energy. He is one of those boys you're just sure isn't paying attention but hears EVERY word and doesn't forget.


Mary said...

Happy, happy birthday KAREN!!!!

Ainsley said...

I will definitely pray for Nathaniel!