Sunday, March 18, 2007

One down - more to go

Today we shared our need at Andrew's father-in-law's church in Clarksville, Tennessee. It went pretty well. We took about 30 minutes sharing our power point presentation. His church is a new church so there are only about 50 members and about 20- 30 there today. (they are also near Fort Campbell so there is a lot of military members... moving every few years and being deployed.) Bryan was nervous, but the small group lent itself to a more relaxed atmosphere, which was nice. Even if we don't get support for our self from this there were several families interested in Family Camp.
On Wednesday morning Bryan is meeting with the pastor from the second largest church in Clarksville and then later in the morning with the pastor from the largest church in Clarksville. There are also three other pastors willing for us to "drop by" and share with them. PLEASE PRAY! This is such an amazing opportunity... we've never had this kind of "new" prospective supports before. Pray for God to guide the conversation and direct the hearts of the people we are speaking with.
Also during this week Bryan (and his dad too) will be helping Andrew rebuild the porch roof and re-roof the house! So far in the three -four hours they worked on it yesterday they ripped off the porch roof and removed the shingles... so they are making progress.

That's all for now... more updates to come and hopefully some cute pics too! (Carter, Hayden and Wyatt are so funny with Bailey - Andrew and Rachael's 2 1/2 year old girl) Bailey keeps calling Wyatt her little sister... Rachael is due with girl #2 in a matter of weeks! I told Rachael... if only it was that easy... special delivery ... here's your little girl.