Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's only noon!

Today has been a CRAZY day and it's only 1/2 over! I need to give background for this blog.

#1 - We leave tomorrow morning for 3 weeks of support raising in Virginia and Kentucky/Tennessee. (For those moms you know what that means for ME!) I've been packing and cleaning and still washing clothes and feeding kids.

#2 - Tonight we have Granger Community like every other Thursday night. ( I teach 2nd/3rd)

#3- While it was 70 degrees two days ago... it snowed last night and is 35 at noon!

ALL this to say. I sent Carter and Hayden outside to play with the Amy (my neighbor's daughter) hoping to get things done around here. I went outside to deliver something to Lori (other neighbor) when Carter came up. Here's how our conversation went...

Carter: We made a boat out of Daniel's sled...(Daniel was not outside - Amy's brother)

Me: That's great (not thinking)... do you want your bike to ride? Where's Hayden?

Carter: With Amy.. I need new socks and shoes.

Me: Why are your shoes wet?

Carter: Daniel's sled floated until Hayden got in.

ME: WHAT? IN the LAKE? I told you not to go near the lake! What were you thinking! Is Hayden wet too?

Carter: He fell in! (at this point I see Hayden coming up the hill with Amy - both wet - Hayden wet up his back)

It was so frustrating it was funny. I called Bryan and told him only to find out He SAW THEM CLOSE TO THE LAKE and didn't tell them to get away. I also found out my neighbor saw them, but got distracted before she could tell them to get away from there! (Don't worry Judith I'm not upset... How many times have I done the same thing... millions)

So I made the boys change clothes and sent Hayden upstairs to play and Carter back outside to ride his bike ONLY. I still have to pack and clean a little.

I went upstairs an hour later to find this....

Hayden had taken everything out of two of his drawers and unfolded all his socks!

God gives grace... I hope the second half of the day is more productive.

I don't know when I'll be able to post again so please pray that our support raising trip is productive. We found out we only have 40% of what Life Action wants us to raise. We knew we were low, just not that low! God always provides, but we are responsible to try to gain more new support members. Pray also... lots of road miles with 3 little boys !!!! YIKES!!


Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

I will miss you very much friend!! I hope that you get some chances to blog while you are gone!! Have a great time away.
Sorry about not getting the kids away from the water today!! I sure wish that we could have gotten a picture of them out on their "boat" though!! I bet they were cute. It will not happen again this year. I promise to put ALL of our "boats" in storage before you and your family come back home!

Jen said...

I don't know that I would ever let my boys go out knowing the lake is right behind my house. I would be a nervous wreck constantly! Glad everyone was ok...Happy Support Raising!!!