Monday, May 7, 2007


What a week-end! Our yard sale (with several other families) went VERY well! We all made a great amount of money, plus got rid of some piles of stuff! Bryan's tree milling didn't go as well as he hoped - they didn't get them all done- but he was pleased with what did get done! THEN we went to Chicago. We were able to go to Six Flags Chicago for a little family time! (FYI- season passes through Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom are only $49 each at the beginning of the season. You have to validate them there the first time) The boys had a BLAST! I asked Carter his favorite ride and after all the exciting roller coasters and spinning rides he liked... (drum roll please) the train that goes around the park to drop you off different places. He does love the exciting rides too!. Hayden even road 2 BIG roller coasters! The little kids coaster was a hit - IT was Hayden's first coaster, (this picture has Carter in the front and Bryan/Hayden in the next row - you can't see Hayden in any of the coaster pictures I took!) BUT THEN he got to ride on a BIG one and LOVED IT! When they got off HIS EYES were HUGE and he kept saying "gen, gen". Bryan rode it 3 times with the boys and I rode it once. Carter's big thrill for the day was the DEMON COASTER. It has 2 loops and 3 corkscrews. Bryan rode that 2 times with him and 1 braved it once! I asked him if he was scared and he said only just before you go upside down! I think I was more scared than he was! I prayed the entire ride "please don't let Carter fall out" even though he was plenty tall enough to ride. Carter also LOVES to ride in the FRONT ROW on the coasters!( In this BLURRY picture the second section of blurry people - that's Carter and I!) Wyatt did good all day too, even though he wasn't feeling good! Wyatt's big accomplishment was today - HE ROLLED OVER! This is the picture I took of him just after that feat! HE was so proud of himself - and a little surprised too!


Anonymous said...

Hi karen this is Jennifer Burk(Hauser) I can't belive you have three cute boys. I am about to have my first anyday. My due date is may 20th my e-mail is
hope to talk to you soon

Peggy said...

I'm so glad you had some fun, family time! With spring so busy and crazy, it's good to have some time away to laugh together! Check my blog to see our circus excitement! We needed some fun too! You'll never catch Joshua and I on any roller coasters, though. Not our thing AT ALL!