Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Laughing, Fighting, Running, Jumping and other Adventures

We had another crazy weekend. These are the munchkins that made it crazy! We traveled 6 hours down to Lexington, Kentucky. We met Andrew, Rachael, Bailey, and Andrea (Andy) at Nana's house (Bryan's grandmother's house). Our "job" was for the guys to replace 9 windows. They accomplished that Friday evening and Saturday morning. So we had the rest of the weekend to enjoy the newest addition. (MamMaw - Bryan's mom came up from Tennessee - Bryan's dad is already in Mississippi. They complete their move down this Thursday/Friday. Matt and Mary came over from Louisville, Ky to see the kids too) Look how big Wyatt is compared to Andy! (She was/is smaller than any of mine were when they were born!)
The kids had a BLAST! We gave Bailey her Birthday present early (it's in July) so that she can enjoy her slip-n-slide all summer. Boy did they enjoy it already! It was HOT! These pictures are pretty accurate as to how the weekend went. Lots of squealing, screaming, fighting, slipping, laughing, running, jumping, sliding, and playing were involved!
On the way back home we stayed at a hotel in Indianapolis. Bryan said it was to get back earlier on Monday (he has church league softball - crazy us went last night and watched - I'm not finished unpacking and my house is a mess - for those who don't believe me I STILL haven't mopped my floor since the first part of spring! I better get on the ball with that Wyatt is "inching" around the floor and rolling over now!) Back to the hotel story - When Bryan gets something in his head it gets stuck until he gets it or accomplishes it - he gets obsessed! His newest obsession is BAMBOO! HE'S driving EVERYONE crazy looking for the stuff to grow around here! Anyway he found a guy on the web that lives in Anderson, Indiana just north of Indianapolis... so we stopped. Let me just say SCARY! HE lived in a run down area and grew MANY types of plants on his little yard next to the railroad tracks! I was wondering when we would see some illegal stuff growing around! But Bryan got his bamboo! I don't think it will calm his obsession, but maybe we will get a little piece for a while! How about you? Do you get "stuck on " something .. what is your newest obsession?


Peggy said...

My latest obsession - my blog! And people who don't leave comments! :-) Now that I know you were gone, I forgive you for ignoring me! ;-) You must see my latest post.

I'm so glad you had such a fun family time. I miss my family so much, it hurts. It's been a year and a half so far and looks like it might be another year yet before we get together. Sigh. God knows the desires of my heart.

Jen said...

I've heard that once you plant bamboo, it takes over. Is that true? Glad Bryan found some to calm his obsession for a little while.

I don't know that I have an obsession currently. If I think of something, I'll post it later.