Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spring is here- OUCH!

Our annual spring tradition has taken place... Bryan was injured on Thursday! It happens every spring ... last year it was stitches over his eye (after almost cutting his eye with a very SHARP carpet knife!) the year before it was stitches in his finger... This year he has his VERY FIRST EVER BROKEN BONE... and stitches too! Without grossing those with weak stomachs out lets just say that his right ring finger was a sandwich between a beam and a tractor! He required 8 stitches on the one finger and it's broken too! (He goes to the orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday- pray all goes well. He has only been to our local walk-in clinic.) Pray that it will heal correctly and not cause him too much pain... He has bumped it quite often which REALLY hurts.

The first picture is Bryan trying to let you know how much it hurts, but instead it just looks like a bad picture!

The day after Bryan's accident I went to the walk-in clinic (faster than an appointment -sometimes anyway) for a sinus infection (which I do have) On a whim - by God's prompting - I took Wyatt and found out that he too has a sinus infection and an ear infection... That always makes a mom feel great that she didn't notice, right!

On a lighter note Wyatt is sliding backwards now! Not much longer before he moves forward and then there is NO STOPPING HIM! He also got his first tooth!


Deborah Boitnott said...

Your boys are adorable! I enjoy your blog. See you in a few weeks.

Aunt Barbara & Uncle Tommy said...

Hello Karen, Bryan, and Boys,

Bryan, sorry to hear about accident. Sure hope your finger/hand is healing okay.

How are the boys? The pictures are great.

Nothing much new with us. All we do is work and eat. Jenny is taking two classes this summer at Lord Fairfax in Middletown.

Give Carter, Hayden, and Wyatt a big hug and kiss from us.

Love, Aunt Barbara and Uncle Tommy