Sunday, May 27, 2007

One more thing - Read the earlier post too!

Boys really don't have brains... I know that makes both guys that read this mad, but sorry it's true. It starts young really young. Tonight is a good example. I was giving Hayden a bath while Carter entertained Wyatt (who was in his door jumper on the back porch). All of sudden I heard a scream coming from the porch... Carter... he was screaming like I had never heard him scream before. I rushed to the porch sure that (after my earlier post) there would be a limb missing or something instead I found him practically folded in half inside the laundry sorting thing we use to "sort the sports equipment". He had taken the soccer ball and basketballs out of one of the three divided sections and had decided to climb in it. Literally his feet were up by his head! If I wasn't so busy trying to get them all baths and in bed QUICKLY I think I would have CRACKED UP! Thinking about it now makes me laugh! I asked him how he got in there and he said he used the storage tub to stand on to climb in! CRAZY! SO guys... what would you be thinking?


Jed said...

I don't know if you counted me as one of the 2 men that read but I humbly accept the criticism of us men folk on behalf of all men... Today my roommate and I were moving stuff and packing for our move to the Philippines and he must have cut himself a thousand times....I made it through the day with only one scratch. Yay for me!!