Thursday, May 31, 2007

Summer's here and the Busyness has begun!

Well this is the starting week of a VERY busy 8 weeks! Family Camp started Monday and they continue until the middle of July! It's VERY VERY busy!
I took time on Monday to go to the Memorial Day parade with the boys they had a great time! Tuesday is our Pretzel night which means I mix the dough... the family camp families twist their pretzel... then I (and other helpers) bake the pretzels. Pretzel night is always a big hit, but a LOT of work! Then last night (Wednesday) was "date night". The children are taken care of while their parents have dinner and a couple hours to spend alone! Date night is ALWAYS a HUGE hit with the parents! Tonight I have GCC like normal and tomorrow is the last night for week 0 (we call it week 0 since it's a special family camp involving only 1 church all from Georgia - our other camps are families from all over the US) The families will all leave for their homes on Saturday... then comes clean up and we start again on Monday! It's busy, but fun too seeing families year after year! Some of their children I helped with when I was a team member are now off to college! YIKES

One of the nice things about the summer is getting to see other friends that live here on the property, but we don't see as often during the "non-camp" months. Hayden is hanging out with Brendan and Bradley (all were born within 6 months of each each other Brendan in October, Bradley in January, and Hayden in March) They all have such a great time together... Hayden's best buddies are these guys and "Jol" (Joel) too! (Joel's a year younger, but you wouldn't know it... He's as big as Hayden and likes to keep up with the big kids too! ) They all get into so much together!
One more cute thing... pictures of the boys playing around with Wyatt! Speaking of Wyatt he is rolling over both ways and scooting backwards everywhere! Not much longer until he's keeping up with the guys too!


Jen said...

Oh Family Camp! Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days of the busyness of family camp and hang out in the kitchen or clean someone else's bathroom and get to meet so many cool people along the way. I'm going to have to talk Jake into doing Family Camp for our vacation next summer or something. That would be fun, I think!

Peggy said...

Man, you make me miss Family Camps! Those were carefree days, let me tell you! (Although I hated cleaning day!) Waterslide duty was my favourite. You wouldn't believe how many babies I rescued from the bottom of that slide because their fathers lost control when they hit the water! Craziness! We're going to come to Family Camps for vacation sometime too, or so Joshua says...