Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Date Night and Kiddie pics

Today was "date night" for our camp families. This means that the parents go to dinner and the see the sights while the kids have fun... tractor ride, craft time, and more! I had to post this picture of Dan Puckett talking to Carter (I'd love to know how that conversation went!) Bryan couldn't/can't drive the tractor so Dan was kind enough to do it for the kids. Maria Mann always comes up with great crafts! 99% of the work is hers though! This year it's paving stones... they are great! The little girl is Lynndel Mann (Spanky and Maria's youngest) She is one of Hayden's many buddies that he HAS to pray for every night!

I also had to post more cute kiddo pictures!


Jen said...

does maria still do that amazing blueberry dessert for date nights? i need to get that recipe. jake would love that!