Thursday, June 14, 2007

First Sleepover

Tonight is a first... Carter is having a sleep over. Shelia Maines has talked to me about Caleb spending the night several times, but I wasn't sure if Carter was ready or me either. Finally, I decided the we should just do it! Caleb was finally asleep at 11:30pm and Carter decided he wanted to sleep in his own bed. They weren't being loud; they were actually really good. (the tent was set up in Carter and Hayden's room. Hayden wasn't allowed to sleep in it because this was special for Carter. That DEVASTATED him, but he'll get over it. Plus I told him that tomorrow he can take his nap in it and maybe I'll see if Bradley or Joel could come play for a little while.) I wish I had a picture of me setting up the tent. I felt like all those episodes on TV when they had the tent in strange shapes and falling over! Joanna and Deborah (Caleb's sisters - they are staying next door at Judith's house) were laughing so hard, pretty much all night they have been laughing! I guess we are quite the humorous family!

Tomorrow is the Buchanan city wide yard sale! Joanna agreed to watch Carter and Hayden while Deborah is going with me to help with Wyatt! I'm so excited! This will be the first yard sale of the season that I'm going to! I really like to yard sale, but it's A LOT harder with three than with two!


Peggy said...

I'm so jealous about your warm weather! Take a look at's been that way for days and will continue over the weekend at least. Sigh! Sometimes I think summer will never come around here. Enjoy yours to the fullest!