Friday, June 8, 2007

Fun, Friends, and Surgery?!

First the Fun..
Yesterday we had the "fun fair" here at Family Camp... This happens every Thursday during the summer. I snapped a few pictures of the boys with their friends. Carter had to get "WAL-MART" on his arm for the face painting ... the story is Brendan Toledo (Adam and Karen's little boy... for those LAM people) was getting a smiley face painted on and someone said that looks like Wal-mart. Carter said that's what I want WAL-MART! (He's so spur of the moment sometimes!) It cracked me up! He had it written on BOTH arms. It was so warm 93deg. but we had winds of 50MPH. The firetruck that came out couldn't raise the ladder! We had no power for about 3 hours! Praise the Lord it came back on about 3pm so that I could shower before heading to GCC for Thursday night teaching.

Hayden and Bradley Herdklotz were so funny today. (This is a paraphrase of what Lori Herdklotz told me happened) They were playing outside when Lori said," Come on Bradley let's go!" to which Hayden replied, "Me-Bradley" Lori said, "Bradley has to go" Then the little stinkers moved over next to each other as if to say... you take one you take us both! Tonight Hayden stayed back from the service to play with Bradley and ended up taking a bath over at their house. Like I said they are so funny... just watch out when they all get older (Bradley, Hayden, Brendan, Jonathan... that's just the ones that are Hayden's age) and are a "pose`".

(not for the squeamish )

Bryan went to the orthopedic Dr. on Wednesday -who sent him to a hand specialist yesterday-who scheduled surgery for 7:30am TODAY! I was going to be a good wife and go with him (even though he had to be 30 minutes away by 6:30am and I have a six month old to take too) but when I told him I had worked out for me to go he said No. He worked it our for one of the team member guys to drive him. I must say I was thankful that I didn't have to work out the kid problem, but I also felt guilty that I wasn't there for him. On the other hand (HA HA HA) When he got home at 12:30pm I rushed the boys out so that he could sleep in peace... we spent most of the day away from the house (except for nap time) and Bryan has slept most of the day... so that's been REALLY good for him! (Pray for him... it's really hurt him) When he smashed/broke his finger a couple weeks ago he really did a job on it. (at the time they put 8 stitches in it and splinted it) They had to put two pins in his finger today. He's not allowed to use that hand for two weeks and will have the pins taken out in six weeks! After some physical therapy he should have full use of his hand 12 WEEKS from now! (If you know Bryan you know that this will be REALLY hard for him... he has a hard time doing nothing... Carter got it honest ... always a project going on.) This is ACTUAL pictures of his x-ray following the surgery.. the X is the pins and the straight line is a side view of his ring finger (it's being held by some sort of scissor like pincher things... technical terms..)


Mary said...

Oh, Karen you rotten stinker! I have been craving a snow cone so bad and there you have to go and post a picture of Morgan eating one. Matt wouldn't even let me crash the Catholic's Parish picnic just to get a snow cone! AH!