Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Fall?

Happy Fall!

I had to start this post that way... because we went swimming today! I know.. I'm crazy, but it really was 90 degrees today! (OK 88F degrees, but that's stinkin hot up here!) The water was pretty cold... I only put my feet in - not the boys - even Wyatt got wet! We had some friends play in the water too. (Caleb, Amy, and Emily... we had fun guys!) It was a fun END to the summer weather! Tonight/Tomorrow we are supposed to get a storm and then the cool down to normalish highs (71F degrees is normal for this time of year).
Bryan spent the day working up at the Johnson's house (our friends whose house burned down... I'll add a picture of that! Pray for them-They are back heading up the summit in Indianapolis! So we are tearing down/sorting through the house! The goal is to have it down with a new foundation by November when they return.) Sorry... rabbit trail.

SOOOO Bryan was hot when he finished for the day and wanted to take the boat out one-last-time! That was exciting for me (Carter wanted to show me how he can kneeboard) Boy can he ever! That kid really has talent! He's amazing! To be not yet 5 years old and he can snowski and kneeboard! He panicked a little when he stopped and flipped upside down, but figured out REALLY quick how to get out from under it! (The second time Daniel didn't even hesitate and jumped in to "save" him! Thanks Daniel... I really appreciate that your first thought was to help!) Wyatt had fun riding on the boat... When Carter was kneeboarding Wyatt was kicking and laughing like he wanted to try! Hayden on the other hand was a little "worried" about Carter!

It's just been a fun day, but exhausting one too!


Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

The top left hand picture is great. I need to get a copy.

Kelly said...

Hayden -- I'd be worried about Carter too! Carter -- you're getting too big too fast! Karen -- I guess I didn't need to say anything about a "single" comment about me -- nothing has changed! :-)