Sunday, September 16, 2007

Prayers for the Gordons and Johnsons

To start this post I want to send out encouragement and prayers to the Gordon and Johnson families. Last night the Laine and Janet Johnson's house was completely burned. The Gordon family was not injured -Praise the Lord,. (The Gordon's were staying in the Johnson's home while their home is being built.) Both families lost their belongings. The Gordon's had unpacked ALL of their belongings into the house except for furniture they have in storage. The Johnson's of course lost their entire house and it's contents. They do have the belongs that are in their Fifth-wheel trailer they use for the travel season. (They were in Terre Haute, IN at the time of the fire, but are here for several days.) God was definitely watching over the Gordons. Looking at the house today... lets just say Praise the LORD for HIS protection!

On to lighter subjects... Friday was Morgan Toledo's fifth birthday. Carter went over to her house for lunch and cupcakes. (Morgan is having a tea party birthday and that's just not Carter's speed!) When I had Carter sign Morgan's birthday card he wanted to try to write his name himself. I wrote CARTER on a piece of paper and let him copy it onto the card. This picture is just how good he did! I was SO proud of him! Now just don't ask him what the other letters are or to write them... one small step for Carter, on giant leap for mommy!

While Carter was at Morgan's house Brendan, Morgan's little brother, came to play with Hayden. They had so much fun... it was hard to get them to stay still for the picture! They were so silly together! We NEED to have Hayden's friends over more often!