Thursday, September 13, 2007


Carter is growing up so quick. Bryan was working on some chairs and a fire pit up at the trailer sites today! I let Carter ride his bike up, but he HAD to come home if Bryan said so. (aka if He was in Bryan's way) So I called around 4 pm for Carter to come home and Bryan said he still NEEDED his help! I found out tonight that Carter would hold the saw horse so that Bryan could drill a tendon into the wood! Bryan said he COULDN'T do it without Carter. He told Carter he needed help tomorrow. SO after coming home Carter said, "In the morning I want to watch one Auto-B-Good, but then I HAVE TO GO TO WORK." He is JUST like Bryan (and Bryan's dad too) they ALWAYS have a project going somewhere! Like I said He's growing up so quickly!


Mary said...

I love it! That's so funny. I don't know if this family can handle another "Lloyd"!!!

Jennifer said...

He is cute! I love reading your blog it gives me a clue what is to come with Sean.