Saturday, November 17, 2007

GOD IS GOOD - Why do I forget HOW good sometimes!

God is Good! It always amazes me how much He takes care of me and how much I doubt that He will! There have been several things that have happened this week that have once again shown me HIS goodness...
#1 - The boys have done remarkably well with Bryan gone. They miss him TONS (me too!) but as Carter says, "I'm trying really hard to be good!" He has been the "man" of the house... He and Hayden have both helped out great!

#2- The boys doctor has been wonderful this week! (We've seen a LOT of that office this week! - Wyatt strep throat, 1year appointment, flu shots, and Hayden strep throat (me too!) Big thanks to Dr. Harvey and the staff at SWMC!
#3 - The van has been acting up... to make a VERY long story short... The transmission is not going bad... it just needed more fluid! PTL! (Thanks Tim and Tammy for all the help with that today!)
#4 - We are ALL feeling much better!
#5 - Judith has been a great help and encouragement this week! She's helped me laugh at some situations that have happened.... like Carter breaking a glass jar FULL of pickles all over the floor!
#6 - My voice is slowly coming back although I can sing bass right now!
#7 - My Christmas decorations are up! I know I hate putting them up before Thanksgiving too, but I really want to enjoy them this year!
#8- Only a few more days until I see my man again! YEAH ... I miss you Bryan!
#9- Nice weather!
#10- Reminding me to enjoy every moment because they grow up too fast! Wyatt is now 1 year (Thursday was his b-day) and WALKING! He's a stinker too! His favorite thing is to do ANYTHING to get a reaction out of me! Unfortunately, that usually means he's into something he shouldn't be into... like the toilet! (It took #3 for that to happen so I guess I should be grateful!)
Gotta get some ZZZZ's I'll post pics soon!
OH - Happy 21st to my "little" bro Kaleb (17th of Nov.) and Happy 27th to my in the air sis Kelly (18th of Nov.) Kelly is flying back from Chili! Can't wait to hear how that went!


Jody and Emily Jennings said...

Where is Brian? Good luck on being a single mom. I know its so hard, but you can do it.