Friday, January 11, 2008

Merry Old England!

Well my sis is in merry old England... London to be exact! Check out her adventures and leave a comment on her blog!
We had a great time taking her to the airport! The boys actually did well for the three hours we were there! We rode the "train" between terminal three times... that made their day!
My parents left this morning, but sorry dad for the extra "bug" you took with you! I'm starting to think that this sickness really does only infect males. (all three of my boys, Bryan, and now my dad) Not that I want to get it (or my mom and sister either!) Have you ever heard of anything like that? (I just heard from my Dad and they made it home after 12 hours! Can you feel for the guy! )


Keilah said...

Merry old COLD England! It's freezing over here! Not to mention there's only about 7-8 hours of sunlight per day...and there's always the constant threat of rain in the back of my mind...but it's worth it! Love you guys!