Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I know I know! I'm starting to post as often as Peggy :) (She is doing better than me right now!) I COULD use the excuse that my computer broke and I'm had to make due with other ones that I'm not used to... but I won't do that!
Let's see... there's not a whole lot to share... three things come to mind
1. It's "butt cold" as Emily says... we aren't as cold as where she is though! So I guess in perspective we are experiencing "spring" weather! (It's 11 degrees today, but we had -20 windchill over the weekend)
2. Judith and her family are back! It's been 6 weeks since our kids have been able to play together! (we were gone 3 weeks for Christmas - they were gone 3 weeks for a Life Action Summit in North Carolina) The boys are SOOO excited to play with them and I'm glad to have my friend back home!
3. I have to confess something - (no I'm not pregnant for those of you that it was the first thought!) I have once again started to tackle the weight battle! I'm am currently on day 4 of Phase One of South Beach. So far it's been soo hard! Especially since I still have to cook for the boys! Pray that I can be successful in this! I've been working out at home too and hope to gain some energy and just all around feel better about myself!


Keilah said...

so what is the criteria for South Beach diet? I'd like to know a little more about it from you, if you have the time. I'd like to commit to it too, if it seems like it's feasible with the high food prices over here! Let me know when you get a chance. And I'm very proud of you...let me know if it'd be a help for me to email every couple days and report on how I'm doing with eating and working out, and ask you how's it going for you. Love you so me sometime!

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

I love you friend. Sorry that I was not excited to be home. My house is back to normal and I am much better prepared for reality. Carter was so sweet when he came over this afternoon. He asked if the children could play, then he said, "I won't ask again today." He apparently was repeating you.
I am also going to tackle some extra pounds. I right now am concentrating on getting up and spending time with the Lord in the morning. When I have developed a morning habit, I WILL give my weight my full attention. I am proud of you for doing this. I know that it will not be easy, but it will be SO worth it!!!