Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First- Second - Third

I thought I had experience a lot with my first child. If you look up adventure in the dictionary, I'm sure that Carter's picture is there! By the time he was 4 he had: broken his arm 2 times, a scan of his head, busted lip,and had stitches once... not to mention the thousands of bruises, scrapes, cuts and bumps. If it can be tried he will try it.
Then came the second. Hayden's theory in life is "if Carter doesn't get hurt... maybe I'll try it... ONLY BETTER!" He's cautious, but tries to be adventurous too. So all that he's had are bumps, bruises and cuts.
On to the third... poor child! (I'm feeling more sympathy for all you third borns out there!) Wyatt has experienced all the things Carter hasn't! Not yet one and a half and he's had... a bloody nose, busted lip, AND NOW a cut-bleeding head.
One interesting thing to note is that ALL the THIRD's injuries are the result of the SECOND born! Today Hayden decided to pull all the toys off the shelf (YEP mom I know pay back for all the times Kelly and I "emptied" out our kitchen set!). However, Hayden emptied it onto Wyatt's head! Carter came to the steps and said," MOM, Hayden's pulling the toys off the shelf". Just then Wyatt screamed, so Carter checked.. He came running back, " Mom, Hayden pulled the tow truck down and it hit Wyatt and there's BLOOD!" Sure enough blood running down his face and all over the tan carpet! (The cut wasn't bad, just like all head wounds it was like a fountain!) So anyway... my new friend is SPOT SHOT! It took two treatments, but it really worked! I tried the "Wal-Mart version" first and got Lori's Spot Shot! I don't think I'll ever buy anything else again.
What a day... nap time! YEAH!


Jeannine said...

Hydrogen peroxide takes out blood stains from almost anything. It works best when the blood is freshest, but it works really good most of the time. You might want to try it on a sample first, tho. I learned that when I was working at the vet clinic. Good luck

Keilah said...

sorry..i thought of something i wanted to add and couldn't figure out how to just edit it.
I was saying, oh no! where on his head - his face or under hair? Something about face cuts for the third child...mine was the "Uncle Ester's tractor" incident. At least this wasn't a dare! Kiss them all for me...I miss you guys. Mom and Dad sent me a package today via Mr. Fogle - they sent the turtle the boys made for me! I was very glad to have it...now I have something to cuddle at night, and remember the boys when I look at it! I hope the rest of your week is less adventurous than the last few days...i love you so much! Email me if you get a chance!

Peggy said...

It must be the little girl influence in our home, because the most "excitement" we've ever had is a black eye (Sara) and a cut on the head (Sky). The cut didn't require stitches, but it too bled like a fountain! Oh, yeah, I forgot - Sara put a small stone up her nose a couple of months ago and gave us a good scare! It came out in the doctor's office at the walk-in clinic, so we were spared the emergency room! But anyway, things are pretty quiet around here compared to your house! God must have semi trucks full grace just waiting for you! :-)