Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The story of MOM!

To say "what a week" is an understatement! Kelly called me at 1:30am yesterday to tell me that Dad had called her. He and Mom were on their way to the ER at UVA (University of Virginia)! On Sunday night, Mom was sitting doing her devotions when she got REALLY dizzy and was seeing double! They took her blood pressure it was up... they checked her sugar level it was up too! (both for no reason they could think of) Dad said they would go to the local ER in Luray, Virginia. After being check out there the doctor's said she was having a stroke and transferred her to UVA! That's when all the calls took place.
I don't know if any of you have been awakened in the night like that, but it sure feels like a weird dream! Anyway, Mom is currently in the hospital! She DID have a "mini-stroke"! (kind of like a heart attack in the brain) It was a 100% blockage of one of the small-small ateries that run up the brain stem! (one comment she made was how awesome is GOD that he made us so perfectly that a minor artery like that can cause so much problem when blocked! ) The stroke has effected her face only! So yesterday she sounded like she had just gotten back from the dentist! This morning she sounded MUCH better. She said she even looked better, BUT her eyesite is still messed up! Everything is double and it makes her dizzy! They've done other tests and found no other signs of blood clots in her heart or brain so that's a BIG PTL!
Please keep her and my dad in your prayers! I think the hardest thing for me was being so far away! It's a good thing I know that GOD can handle both places at once! (Kelly is sick with pneumonia/flu so couldn't go visit; Keilah is in London, England so she's had a hard time too; Kaleb is at college) This was the first major health issue either of my parents have had with none of us around! When I really thought about it what good would I have REALLY done being there! (I wish I could have though) I would've been one more person sitting there looking at her and sitting in the ER for 11 HOURS (that's how long they waited at UVA for a room!)

On to lighter things... BIG thanks to Daniel Stargel for the mailing my camera bag! (I left it at the Miracle Theater in Gatlinburg, TN. We went and saw him play Jesus in it after Christmas) SO I've had the camera and no way to upload the pics... SO LOTS OF PICTURES are on the way!
I posted links to my sister's blogs... check them out! Keilah has some AMAZING pictures of ENGLAND! Kelly just needs to update her blog... so leave a comment and get her to post!


Peggy said...

Wow! So sorry to hear the scary news, but glad to hear that things are already looking up! I will be praying for your family. I had an early morning phone call like that when Sara was a baby. My mom was crying so hard I could barely understand her - the ambulance had just left for the hospital with my dad having a heart attack. Not a fun way to wake up. That was over 5 years ago - my dad recovered just fine and has been doing well since then. Hugs!