Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Thank you to EVERYONE who has and is praying for my mom. She is home now and doing better although there is still a long road of recovery ahead. She actually "feels" like she can do more than she really can... She still has vision problems which makes her unsteady on her feet. So keep praying.

SO today we took one more step into modern tech... high speed internet and I'M LOVING IT! No tied up phone line, no "fuzzy" pictures to get faster loading, no waiting for hours for pictures to download... and HOPEFULLY I can FINALLY get my family pictures printed... so what's the best website to get them developed?
Tonight we have an extra boy, Matthew, is staying because his mom isn't feeling well...pray for Liz! She has some heart problems and the meds she is on are messing her up! I can't imagine how frustrating that is as a mom to feel like that with three kids! So far things are going well the boys do great together. They even include Hayden - sometimes! The only problem is that I think Carter is pretty sick.. he is now running a fever (I didn't know before I took Matt - I wouldn't do that to a friend who's sick on purpose. Pray Matt stays well. She doesn't need one more thing!) I guess it's off to the doctor's office in the morning!
I thought I'd post a few pictures from last night... Enjoy... just for fun!
The first one has a story, Hayden and Carter were eating a snack before bed. Carter screamed, "Wyatt- Glass!" because Wyatt had taken a glass full of water off the table! When I ran to stop him I saw Carter sitting there with his eyes covered (the picture is a re-creation of the event). He said he was waiting to hear the glass break! I CRACKED UP! He says the funniest things sometimes!

Teaching Wyatt to play with hot wheels while I made dinner... I had to stop to take the picture!

Just being silly


AMANDA said...

It looks like there is never a dull moment!

Keilah said...

Karen - so glad you got highspeed now! Yes, you should definitely get a webcam - you can get a decent one for about $25. (As opposed to the $40 it costs here for a low-quality one! Greg bought me one because he bought one too and knew it'd be cheaper to send me one instead of buying it here, so in a matter of a few days, I'll have one! yay! Check out my blog - I finally posted again with another one soon on the way! Hey, if you can't get a webcam, at least maybe you could sign up for AIM, or for Skype. If you have a headset of any kind that you can hook up to the computer, we can talk online without it costing a thing! Or we can just message back and forth on either program. Love you!