Saturday, January 5, 2008

Resolutions! 2008

I know I know it's been a long time... way too long. I started off good with this blog, but LIFE has happened and suddenly it's a once-a-month-thing-if-I-even-get-to-it-then! It has made it more challenging now that our home computer crashed... pray about that! I've come to realize how much I depend on the internet for life, bills, and sanity!

On to this post New Year's Resolutions... do you have any? How are you doing with them!

I have a few in no particular order...

1 - lose weight - come on isn't that most people's ... well except my husband! His goal is to gain weight.

2- Be more balanced in my work and play... have fun with the kids

3 - Exercise - well you know how that one is going!

4 - Devotions - even if it's only one verse... something to focus my day better!

5- Organize that over-loaded cabinet upstairs that has all my "I'll get to it someday... scrapbooking stuff"

Pray for Wyatt - He's one sick little boy... I think He's getting better! Ever since we got home on Wednesday he's had it coming from both ends on occasion! (I'll spare the details)

Happy New Year... fresh with no mistakes... or at least only a few so far! ;)

I need to add to my earlier post... ALL THREE boys are sick... Carter and Hayden both started throwing up around 7pm... and it goes on and on and on!