Saturday, December 29, 2007

We've been everywhere!

We've been everywhere man! What states have we been in the past two weeks... Michigan-Indiana-Kentucky-West Virginia-Virginia-Tennessee-Maryland... whew I'm tired just thinking of it! The week before Christmas we left for Christmas in Virginia with my family! It was a great time... We kept everyone busy! The boys had fun and we got to see Kelly's new apartment and school! It was a nice place and her tree was beautiful, even if it did have colored lights! After opening gifts on Christmas morning, we loaded up and headed to Kentucky to Bryan's grandmother's house. We got there around 8 pm and spent the next two days with her and Bryan's parents. (We also got to "see" Matt and Mary's new house. Last time we saw their house was just before they moved in... it will be really cute once they are finished with it!) Yesterday we left to come down to Gatlinburg, TN and will be here until Monday... then back to Lexington and on to HOME on Wednesday! After so much travelling Home never sounded so good! That's been our crazy travels! We are glad that we've been able to spend time with family!