Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick Days

So funny! I just noticed that my Monday Moment listed as posted on Monday... but it wasn't!

Don't know how that happened!

The boys are feeling better... somewhat! Wyatt's the sickest one right now... and he's still not as bad as Hayden was! Since we've been home ALOT lately I've taken several random pics... Things that you do while you are sick!

The boys "playing" PS2 with dad (that means that Dad played and they watched!)

Wyatt is now in 24 month clothes... YIKES! Seriously, I JUST packed them up in the fall when Hayden grew out of them!

Hayden took a picture of Wyatt and me... Not bad!

On Sunday Carter and I picked up a balloon at the grocery store for Hayden... it's been a HUGE hit around here! (thankfully it hasn't "floated" to the top of our living room ceiling- they are WAY to high for me to reach)

Wyatt thinks the balloon is great - it cracks him up evertime he pulls on the string and it comes down!

And a video of Hayden rocking out...

My little drummers!


AMANDA said...

My Ella loved the video- we had to watch it twice! I love the look on Wyatt's face before he walks off. Glad to hear everyone is on the mend or heading in that direction.

Peggy said...

So sorry to hear you've been running an infirmary! Hopefully all will be healthy soon! We aren't sick, but I've had "one of those weeks" too. I'm glad it's Friday!

Make sure you check my blog today... ;-)

3boys247 said...

I love your blog. I stumbled across it trying to do a search for mine. Our boys are Carter, Griffin and Hayden. We would have had a Wyatt but our last name rhymes with it! I will be checking back in with you to see your crazy adventures too. Thanks for sharing.