Monday, February 25, 2008

My Monday Moment - a day late:)

So I was going to post yesterday, but Hayden has been REALLY sick. On Saturday he started running a temp of 102 then Sunday was OK, but had a low temp. Yesterday after his nap it was back up to 102-103 and he could barely move! He just laid around from the couch to the chair to the bed. I was VERY worried about him! Even with meds it only got down to 100! At 6 this morning he was coughing so hard (my fault I should've gotten up at 4 to give him his breathing treatment since it's every 4 hours!) Anyway, he was coughing so hard he threw-up... YUCK! BUT after a treatment he went back to sleep until 10:30am... so hopefully the extra rest will do him good! Better this Monday than next Monday on his b-day!

I didn't forget my Monday Moment... Here it it is... Carter "reading" a book to Wyatt.

Last night for dinner I made something new... always a trial at my house. If you know my hubby you know he eats junk and only junk! No veggies, only meat and potatoes (only baked, not mashed).. in fact if any food looks odd he WON'T eat it. So last night I realized just how much Carter is like Bryan! They ate their food EXACTLY the same way... down to separating the sauce from the chicken and putting only a little sauce on their spaghetti! Thankfully Carter will eat green beans and a few other things Bryan doesn't. It just confirms what I already know... He's just like his dad! (Wyatt too! Except Wyatt will eat ANYTHING, but then again so did Carter when he was little!) Hayden however is more like me! I would say they are like dad in more ways than just that though! I still love them all!


AMANDA said...

I love catching my girls in moments like those. Now that Grace is in Kindergarten, she is learning to read and uses her new "skills" to read books to Ella. They also are really cute when they color together. It just makes me all mushy to think about those tender moments.

joy said...

hey i have a do you get other peoples blogs to show up on the side bar of your blog? thanks!

GE is me said...

Oh MY Goodness! Did your husband come to my house to live??? My hubs is the same way. NO VEGGIES, unless cleverly disguised as not a veggie.
He would be a pasta-tarian if I let him. Can't have chicken 2 nights in a row. The list(as I'm sure you know!) goes on & on.


(found my way here from Judith's blog)

GE is me said...

Karen, will the hubs eat chicken? or only beef. There's a dish that's very popular in N.E. called Shepherd's Pie. It is relatively easy to make, but not my favorite dish. Give me some ideas what he likes(mexican, italian, etc.)& I'll see what I have.
You can e-mail me @ geisme777 at yahoo.
I was like "recipes" what is she talking about, I've never posted any recipes on my blog. {I'm a little slow! :)}
Also, I ditto joy's question.
Thanks, -Gail

Karen said...

To get other blogs to show... go to the dashboard and pick settings. Then Choose add page element. Alot of choices come up... choose LINKS and add the URL of the blogs you want... you can also add websites you like to visit this way!