Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life of a BOX

It's amazing how many things you can do with one box.

It starts off as a box... to mail busy little boys to Grandma (Just kiddding, but Wyatt thought it was funny when I said I was going to mail him.

Then it's a boat.

After it's tackled and the sides are ripped open...

it's a couch

After there is no "box" shape left... it's a snowboard!


Then of course you HAVE to color it!

FINALLY you HAVE to say good-bye!


Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

Very creative boys you have over there! I loved this post!

AMANDA said...

Reminds me of Christmas when they play with the paper and boxes instead of the gift. Looks like fun!

Keilah said...

I don't know who's more creative - the boys and their antics or the Mommy who made the post! I love and miss you all SO much!!!

The Brother said...

Dad wants me to say this: You don't say goodbye, when it is sitting like that last picture. IT'S A FORT!!!! THE INDIANS HAVE TO ATTACK AND BURN IT DOWN. (but not Wyatt.)

Mindy said...

I love this post. Children can find so many uses for something as simply as a box.

Peggy said...

Very cute! I never let boxes stay around long enough to see what would happen at our house. Maybe next time I shouldn't be so practical! I remember all the fun my brother and I had with one of those huge appliance boxes once. We even camped out in it one night!